Electric Guitar — Unlimited layers and overdubs — 24 hour turnaround time!

Catchy pop hooks, ambient textures and funky chords from top UK session pro

Bored of using the same Splice guitar loops? Message me about custom loops and guitar layers for your track!

I’m a London based session musician and would love to add something to your next song! I’ve recorded at top studios including Abbey Road and RAK Studios, plus I have over 4 years of remote session experience, with 100% positive feedback on SoundBetter, independently and on other platforms.

I focus on simple yet effective parts that serve the song, and make sure they’re recorded clean and precise – ready to drop straight into your track. I can recreate a guitar sound from an existing song, play a part you’ve written, or come up with that ‘something extra’ to take your track to the next level!

What you’ll receive:

Electric Guitar – $125:
An unlimited number of electric guitar tracks for your song, with effects, double tracking and mixing if required

Looking for acoustic guitar as well? Message me and I can send you a custom offer for both electric and acoustic guitar parts.

Check out some reviews from my previous clients on other sites:

Stephen L. – SoundBetter – 5 stars:
‘Scott provided some great guitar parts that complimented the song. Finished in less than 24 hours. Tasteful, melodic, really fit with the song and took it up a level. Definitely recommend.’

Drewski W. – SoundBetter – 5 stars:
‘Scott is definitely my #1 choice when it comes to hiring a musician when I’m in need of Guitar and or Bass tracks. He always provides high quality results and is able to bring any of my ideas to life. I highly recommend working with Scott!’

Brian B, – AirGigs – 5 stars:
‘Scott always delivers. Amazing quality. Stellar melodies and ideas. Super fast. A++++++++++++’

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HQ Re-amping

Do you use a guitar amp simulator?
Reamping gives you the same flexibility and access to different amp tones, but with real amps, cabs & mics.
My reamp bundle allows musicians, producers, and engineers to upload DI guitar tracks and have them reamp’d through one or more of my collection of classic amps, cabs, mics, preamps & IR’s.
I use Neve 1073LB and Chandler Limited TG2 500 mic preamps.
For reamping I use Radial X-AMP Active Re-amper and my wide collection of real boutique tube amps, cabs, guitar pedals & mics.
Fender Tone -master custom shop, Tremolux (1962 original), Marshall model 1987 JMP (1975 original), Friedman BE-100 deluxe, Small Box 50, Runt 50, JJ jr, Brunetti Mercury100 customwork, Mesa Boogie MkV, Triaxis, Simul Class 2:90, V twin
Bogner 212 OS V30s, Marshall 1960 B Rola Celestion Pulsonic Greenbacks loaded, Fender 212 Tone-master V30s, Brunetti 412 B, Friedman 112 open back Creamback G12M65, Mesa Boogie recto cab 112 CB V30s, Celestion C90 black shadow, Marshall 412 A Rola Celestion G12-80
Shure SM57, 57beta, Sennheiser E-609, Rode NTK, Superlux R102 Mkll
Analog Man King of tone, Ceriatone Centura, Kingtone Vintage fuzz, Jackson Audio Prism, Hermida Zendrive… just to mention few.
Check out the full list of my pedals on:
Celestion The Magnificent 7 Collection incl:
Celestion Blue, G12M Greenback, Vintage 30,
G12M-65 Creamback, G12H-75 Creamback, G12H Anniversary, Heritage Series G12-65 all Suhr cabinets
ML sound lab
Two Notes….
Check out my full gear list on:

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