Mixing (Per Song)

Have you got completed recordings that need to be professionally mixed with a vibe?

Do you need that magic combo of producer & mixer for your project to make it the best it can be?

Do you need additional interesting and musical parts to elevate your songs further?

Do you want to get that analogue warmth and vibe back into your mixes for maximum listener enjoyment?

I’m Nick J Harvey and my job as a sonic craftsman is enable your vision. I tackle every mix with the ears of an arranger and record producer. I listen to your songs with a depth and perspective always considering how the sounds work together and ultimately affects the emotional response of the listener.

I’ve always have taken the craftsman’s approach to music inspired by the producers, mixers, arrangers and performers of the 1970’s. Working with yourself my goal is to elevate your music to maximum enjoyment, engagement, connection and pure sonic delight for your casual listener or diehard fans.

I want soul and spirit in my client’s records with mixes that rock!

Make your music sound like a modern classic.

Services Available:

* Mixing/Mastering
* Producer Services
* Overdubs/Adding Parts (Elec/slide/acoustic guitars, bass, & others)
* Full Production Services

I’m very approachable, professional and supportive with the desire to bring your musical vision to fruition with my own expert understanding of blues, classic rock, rock, country and folk.

I work remotely with my hybrid mixing setup and we can easily set a zoom meeting and dive into the details on a call together.

Any questions, please ask.

So let’s get rockin today!

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