Editing 1 track

For me, editing is the most important part (on the engineer side). After getting the musicians to sound perfectly in sync and tune, mixing is a walk on the park, and the results are amazing!

While editing, I always have in mind to make you sound like a top 10 Billboard artist. So, that perfect take with perfect vibe, that had a note off, and you decided to record again because that note destroyed everything, hold it! Let me fix it, let’s use that! Vibe and energy aren’t fixable but syncing and tuning are (well, to be honest, vibe and energy are fixable to a certain degree haha but with mixing).

Anecdote: a few years ago, I recorded a guitarist that just couldn’t record on beat. He sounded great but that metronome was driving him crazy, and after him we had to record many more, so we needed that metronome. It came a moment that my best solution was: play it out of sync, I’ll put it on time later. We recorded 20 seconds at a time and 1 of those sections was a whole measure out of beat (that’s a lot!). With my magic editing hands, I managed to resync the whole guitar to the song. Of course it took 2-3 whole days to do it right (maybe today I would do it faster), and I’m talking only about the guitar. The most important result is, no one will ever know that happened. It’s unnoticeable in the recording (of course, I’ll never tell you which guitarist made me do that).

Bottom line: send me your worst, and I’ll make it your best (oh please no, don’t do it, use your money on your best songs lol).

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Mastering is the most underrated and vitally important final stage in the CD/record production or distribution through the internet. It’s the last creative step and the first technical step of relaying your music to the listener, regardless of release or broadcast format.

The creative part is to support the musical content of your productions by enhancing your sound-properties, bringing out the important elements, and lowering unwanted or interfering parts or frequencies. It’s the ultimate polishing and optimizing treatment to your music, which differs your production to others.

The technical side mentioned earlier means for example: to clean up your mixes of unwanted artifacts (like clicks, noise, etc.), fade-ins and outs of the tracks, setting of the individual pause length, and to assure a technically correct master which contains all necessary data (PQ-Codes, ISRC codes, CD text and more) and has been checked by us for errors. For digital releases, we will provide separate audio files in any requested format. These are only a few steps of the technical steps during the mastering process.

Below you will find a summary of our Mastering Features:

Mastering of your final stereo mixes, either recorded or bounced from your DAW
Mix Check
EQ’ing (optimizing the frequency range)
Dynamic processing (using either compressor and/or limiter)
M/S (Mid/Side) Processing
Stereo field processing
Phase correction
Declicking/Denoising/Dehumming, restoring old recordings
Reordering of the track running order and setting of track IDs (PQ-Coding)
Fade In / Fade Out of the tracks
Mixing (f.e. Mix-Compilation with no pauses)
Cleaning and setting of individual pause length
CD-Text or other Metadata Insert
Total control of mastering results by downloading preview files for you to check before the final stage
Apple Digital Masters
CD-burning in Red-Book or Blue-Book-Standard
Creation of a DDP 2.0 disc image as production master with direct upload to the designated pressing company
Download a 1:1 copy of the complete disc image of the master CD or the separate audio-files in any requested format (Wav, MP3, etc.) for digital release
All mastered tracks will be archived for free for 7 days.

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