Making a custom backing track is not a simple task.
It starts with the knowledge of the language of the different musical genres and consists of many different stages, first of which is translating (aka transcribing) the many instruments parts into single midi tracks and then transform those midi tracks into audio by using Virtual Instruments.
The virtual instruments have their own expression inputs to be set, also certain instruments as piano, bass and guitar had to be played and recorded live to sound as real as possible.
After the composing job and rendering of midi into audio, the tracks have to be mixed and mastered as a real studio song.
The job is faster when the reference is unique, but if the backtracks has to be customised by changing part of the arrangement or there are multiple references, it may take some time so it is important to contact me for information. There is also the chance to get a short preview demo.
Back track is different from production because in this last case the song is nor yet written or arranged .

I use the latest technologies, such as:
• Cubase Pro 10: DAW
• Waves and Voxengo (mainly): VST effects
• Steinway/Rhodes/CP80: Modartt Pianoteq physical modeled piano
• Hammond organ: Hammond XK3
• Synthesizer: Access Virus TI2, Yamaha DX7 II, Waldorf Pulse 2
• Guitar: IronAxe + Cabinet emulation
• Bass: Trilogy
• Drums: BFD2 full pack, Access Virus Ti2, Alesis Ion

Why me?

• A professional musician and sound engineer
• Quick turnaround
• Unmatchable Customer Support
• Frequent communication

Contact me before placing the order to get the best results.

Thank you

Sold By : G. V. piano/keyboard player


I am a Producer and Songwriter from Australia and have been primarily been working on my own projects over the last few years. I have been blessed to work with a diverse range of artists from Rappers ‘Samad Savage’ and ‘Michael Christmas’ to talented pop and RnB vocalists such as ‘The Crushboys’ and ‘Cadence XYZ’.

I pride myself on being able to work in a diverse range of genres. I specialize in Hip Hop and Pop but also produce and write with shades of alternative and RnB.

If you are looking for a instrumental to build a song from scratch, I can help.
If you have written a song but need production to be built around it, I can help.
If you have a beat or instrumental but need lyrics and melody, I can help.

Most of my beats and instrumentals are done from scratch, however i also have a large library of unused beats ready to go if they suit your project. I also am a big user of samples and will call upon those if necessary, of course always avoiding any copyright issues.

I believe my specialty is in lyrics and melody however also have great success in my beat making and production ability. I released my first solo project in December which has surpassed 150,000 spotify streams sitting at 20,000 monthly listeners. Feel free to check it out.

I play guitar and piano but most of my work is done digitally.

Tell me about your project and I am very keen and willing to help and work with whatever requirements you desire.

Let’s chat and let’s get to work!

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