Live Drums and Percussion

Finding the right drummer can be difficult because we often have such a profound effect on the songs we play on. The drummer can make or break a song, and when the foundation laid by the drums isn’t right, the whole song can fall apart. I pride myself on being able to create drum parts that are interesting and fun to listen to, but I take incredible care to make sure that I’m setting a vibe that best serves the song at hand, no matter the genre.

All styles are welcome: Pop, Rock, Singer-Songwriter, Country, Jazz, Progressive, Post-hardcore, Folk, Funk, R&B, you name it. I’ll do my very best to make your songs sound and feel as good as they can.

Technical Stuff I have access to:
– Drums and Cymbals of the Absolute Highest Caliber
– Fully Treated Acoustic Space
– Collection of Industry Standard Microphones
– High Quality Converters and Preamps
– Too many Auxiliary Percussion Instruments
– Tons and Tons of Third Party Plugins

Price includes a take of live drums, I’ll play what I deem to be the best part for the song, but I’m happy to do up to 2 rounds of revisions if you’re not happy. I typically run anywhere from 12-16 tracks, all of which will be delivered to you as clean, well-organized wav files. The tracks will be processed, but I will include completely dry versions at your request; I want you to have as much control over your mix as possible! (At your request, I’ll also include a detailed rundown of the recording techniques used).

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I am an online session musician with a modern music degree, with over 15 years of professional experience recording for artists, from all over the world.
I am specialized in the areas of performance and recording.
During the past years I’ve covered a different range of musical styles:
Jazz, Blues, Fusion, Neo Soul, Funk, Brazilian Music, Electronic, Pop, Indie, Rock, Post-Rock and Progressive Rock.

I guarantee a dedicated and committed work, but among all there is one crucial thing you may expect from me: ALWAYS SERVE THE MUSIC.
There’s nothing I love more than to find the right groove, sound and feel for your song.

What I offer:
– Quality recordings// Raw Stems:
I record in a studio with a great acoustic and excellent gear: pro microphones, sound devices and quality drum kits. Moreover I like to be as perfectionist as possible, to make sure I deliver the best drum tracks to you.

– Constant communication:
This is one of the most important steps in a successful collaboration. I need to clearly understand what you want for your tune and drums to sound like. Constant communication is really important to help the success of the recordings.

– Fast delivery:
I like to dedicate time to everything I am required to do but efficiency is something I guarantee.
Work is delivered between 3-6 days, depending of the number of tracks required and the urgency to receive the recordings.

-2 reviews per song:
I want to make sure that you are happy with the recordings that I am providing to you, so I am able to do 2 reviews per song, so that you feel completely satisfied with the drum tracks.

– Beside the 2 final recording reviews, I offer unlimited pre recordings, which is an important step so that together we can find the perfect drums to be recorded for your song,

– Software: Pro Tools.

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