Full Track Including Vocals, Instrumentation and Lyrics.

For this service I can;

-Provide lyrics for your track; I can write lyrics from scratch using an instrumental you provide, if you would prefer it to be a blank canvas and I write about what I interpret the vibe of the song to be, or you can give me some sort of stimulus to work from. I tend to write lyrics using a lot of imagery and themes such as mental health and issues facing us today such as mental health, the environment/ and the impact humans have made, relationships-the good and the bad sides. But I can also write more upbeat lyrics if your track was more in line with vibes of positivity and feeling uplifted. I can also rework or restructure lyrics you yourself have written.

-I can write and record vocal and piano melodies for your track; If you have an instrumental that you need some vocals and/or piano on or would like someone to record a complete track that has lyrics with piano and vocals-then I can provide that service. I pride myself on my ability to be as versatile as possible and can sing and adapt to any genre. Piano wise, I tend to use as many dynamics as possible, drenching it in reverb-taking influence from composer Ludovico Einaudi. If you would like an emotive, dynamic piano sound-that is something I specialise in. Vocals wise, as I had mentioned, I like to try new styles and genres. I will do my best to adapt any given genre. I can provide soft, haunting, whispery vocals or powerful, strong and uplifting vocals. I will provide harmonies, as many vocal dynamics as possible and can also double/triple track etc.

-I can do all of the above and; I can also write a track with piano, vocals but also add in some percussion, programmed instruments, and even some basic guitar. I can do a basic mix but am also in contact with a friend who also produces who can do a much more complex mix.

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