Acoustic Piano, Rhodes, Hammond, Any Style


I will record a keys track for you. I need your song (or a cover), from an audio file (in the beginning an mp3 it’s ok) to a multitrack session (Logic/garage band) or just separated tracks in wav or aif + the click….. and let me know the bpm of the song.

Sheet music appreciated but maybe you’d prefer that I make a part from chords, in that case you can also send me some examples (youtube link is fine).

I will send you a file audio (WAV 44,1kHz up to 96kHz 24bit) or whatever you need….in the audio file domain 🙂

Please let me know if you have any questions

Terms of Service

Usually, if we don’t know each other, it takes a few days to do a good job. But write to me, I will always try to meet your needs.