Double bass/Electric bass tracking


I record at my home studio, using a quality large diaphragm condenser mic, I use Reaper with a FocusRite interface. I specialize in classical music, although I have recorded many different styles, including; rock, jazz, pop, funk, blues, musicals and country. I can record my antique four string double bass, my modern five string double bass or any of three bass guitars, a P Bass, P/J five string bass, a vintage P style bass with flat wound strings. I use a variety of amps dependant on the style of music you are going for, I can also record a DI track at no extra charge.

Reach out if you have any questions!

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Terms of Service

Please send any stems of your song, a lead sheet, or sheet music. If you need me to figure out the chord changes of your track there will be an extra $5 fee. If your song has and tempo changes please provide a separate click track, as I am not able to anticipate your tempo changes when making a click of my own. Please also let me know the style and sound of music you are going for, if you have any bands or specific players you would like the recording to sound like. Thanks and I look forward to working with you.