Full Track/Song Mixing & Mastering


This includes the mixing and mastering of your track, discussing the direction it should go, and 3 revisions — just so every little detail is exactly as you want.

I’m an experienced producer that specializes in modern radio and pop music, hip-hop & trap, with a lot of versatility in other areas as well.

In a bit over 6 years, I have been through and worked on multiple genres, from metal and rock to EDM, mixed and produced a few songs that went on to be featured on the radio, and also worked on the sound design and did the mixing for a lot of TV and radio commercials for brands such as Carrefour, Nivea, Coca Cola, Vodafone, Telekom, Nestle and Garnier (and many more other, full list available on demand).

My main DAW is Ableton Live 11 and I’m mixing mostly using UAD plugins, on a UAD Octo and UAD Interface — currently the standard for loyal analog emulation. I’m also making use of Acustica Audio plugins on a regular. When I’m writing stuff I usually play them on my main keyboard, a Dave Smith Prophet REV-2. Mixing is done on a few different high grade professional speakers.

Despite being self taught and valuing real practice & getting my hands dirty, I have also taken formal courses at the SAE Institute, learned a lot of stuff on Mixing with the Masters, and did a mentorship with a local engineer with decades of experience, who is handling the majority of local songs on the radio every day.

Sold By : Calin Grajdan

Terms of Service

4-5 Business Day Delivery.

I need the multi-track files of your song. The tracks should respect some basic guidelines that allows us to collaborate, these would be:
– All tracks should be consolidated and starting at 0:00.
– Turn off all FX and processing before bouncing.
– Any MIDI instruments need to be bounced to stereo audio file.
– If you have MIDI drums please provide the MIDI file as well as a bounced stereo file of the drums.
– The files need to be properly named and placed in a folder titled: Artist_SongTitle_BPM.
– I will not accept .mp3 files (for obvious reasons), please make sure files are .wav/24bit at 44.1k or 48k.