I will produce your idea into a professionally ready music composition


I’m excited to help and work with you on your music!

Are you a songwriter who needs a complete production for their music? Do you need drums, keyboards, bass or other kind of instrument for your own song?

Allow me to take your song from a rough sketch in your head or on your phone to a distribution ready track. First we’ll discuss the arrangement for the song, then we can decide on the process to create the final mix.

For mixing, you get:
Equalizer (EQ) as needed
Level Balancing as needed
Stereo Panning as needed
Multiband Compression as needed
Reverb, Delay & other effects as needed
Parallel Compression as needed
Any additional effects or processing as needed

For Mastering, you get:
Dynamic EQ as needed
Multiband Compression as needed
Matching the master loudness to industry/ Streaming services’ parameters.

What you’ll receive:
Professionally mixed and mastered distribution ready track in 24 bit WAV and 320kbps MP3 format.

Reach out if you have any questions!

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Terms of Service

Arrange your demo with musical instruments (even if you have your music recorded on a smartphone) or starting with your voice only.

Production and Mixing/Mastering of the final song.

Turnaround time usually depends on the artist’s idea and resources needed to complete the final song.