I will professionally mix and master your audio (up to 30 stems starting at $200)


I’ll focus on bringing the best out of your music and deliver you a professional sounding mix and master ready to be used for all platforms and forms of distribution including radio or sync placements.

For mixing, you get:
Equalizer (EQ) as needed
Level Balancing as needed
Stereo Panning as needed
Multiband Compression as needed
Reverb, Delay & other effects as needed
Parallel Compression as needed
Any additional effects or processing as needed

For Mastering, you get:
Dynamic EQ as needed
Multiband Compression as needed
Matching the master loudness to industry/ Streaming services’ parameters.

What you’ll receive:
Professionally mixed and mastered distribution ready track in 24 bit WAV and 320kbps MP3 format.

Reach out if you have any questions!

Terms of Service

Up to 30 stems included for this service. For more than 30 stems, message me for a custom offer.

Turnaround time will be no more than 3 days. For any expedited turnaround times, message me for a custom offer.