I will record REAL Hammond B3, Piano or keyboards for your song


I will record a Hammond B3, Piano, or Keyboard track for your song using Pro-Tools and high quality microphones, plug-ins and processors. For Hammond Organ gigs, you will receive 1 stereo WAV file (upper Rotor) and 1 mono WAV file (lower Rotor) at your requested Sample and Bit Rate (44.1/16 etc). For piano and keyboards you’ll receive 1 stereo WAV file. You may also request a MIDI file when possible for no extra charge. Please be as specific as you can when telling me about your song. Make sure to specify the instrument you want, BPM and Sample/Bit Rate. Chord Charts or sheet music is not necessary but there may be an extra fee ($20) if I have to write out a chart. I lookg forward to working with you!!!

Gear List:
Hammond B3 w/ Leslie 147
Korg SV-1
Altenburg 6′ Grand Piano
Hammond Sk-1
Hammond Sk-2
M-Tron Pro (Melotron VST)
Vintage Keys (Arturia VST)
Element 2.0 (Analog Synth VST)
2 Neumann TLM102 Large Diaphragm Cnds (Leslie, upper rotor)
AKG D112 (Leslie, lower rotor)
Pro Tools (Latest Edition, updated frequently)

Sold By : theb3guy

Terms of Service

Please send me the track you would like me to record to. High quality WAV or MP3 files only. Please give me as much information as you can regarding what you need from me. Make sure to be as specific as possible. Turn Around Time is approx. 7 days depending on the project. I will record at least 3 takes for your song and include 2 revisions. If more revisions are required, you’ll have to purchase another job. I will do everything in my power to create the best keyboard tracks for your project and to make sure that you (the client) is 100% happy and satisfied. Unfortunately, I am unable to offer full refunds at this time.

Things I need to know:

What Instrument? Organ, Piano, Rhodes, Clav, etc
Sample/Bit Rate? 44.1/16. 48/24. etc…
BPM? How many beats per minute
Do you need a MIDI file also?
Chord Chart or Sheet Music? While not necessary, this will make the project run much smoother. **Please Note** There is an extra $20 fee if I need to write out a full chart for the song. We can discuss this before I begin work.

Any special requests or other notes you may have for me are welcome. Tell me as much as you possibly can!

I look forward to working with you!!!