Mixing and mastering your music


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Terms of Service

I have been in the audio/music business for the last 15+ years in different roles. The variations span from rigging, live sound engineering, technician, studio engineering, designing studios (technical) and being the performer on stage.

My main genres span from rock to heavier music but been working with alternative/blues/pop as well so I tend to mix all my previous experiences to match the required result from my clients.
Since I am a musician as well (guitar, bass and drums) I know what it is like to let someone do the mixing and the emotions you will pass through when waiting on the result or communicating. I am aware of this and will do my absolute best all the time to get you comfortable in handing your music to me doing the mix.

I am a Presonus Studio One 5 Professional user and plugins span from Plugin Alliance, Slate, Waves to Klangheim. All depends on the song and what it needs.
Included in all projects are:
– Editing
– Tuning
– EQ
– Compression
– FX
– Mastering

Everything you need me to do and reach the goal of the project!