Need a bass player for your track?


Do you need a bass part recording for your track?
Hire a no nonsense bass player with over 15 years of experience playing in various bands and recording on a multitude of projects, primarily in the indie rock, rock or punk genre.

Am happy to compose and record a bass part under your direction, all I need is the chords.

Credits (all available to listen to on any streaming service)
Running With Scissors UK – Fractured Journey (all bass parts on album)
The Tumultuous Predicament – If I Could Stay Still
The Tics – Pure Graft (all bass parts on album)
Oblong Earth Society (all bass on album)

Can play either finger style, or with a pick.

I play to serve the song, Im not one for showing off (unless you really want me to!) To me the song must always come first, so it is of primary concern to me fully understand your vision for it. I would like to see lyrics, and have a good idea of your influences, or any other songs you would like to reference so I can get a picture of the art you are trying to create BEFORE you buy my service.

Recorded with a Fender Precision through a Blackstar U500, either mic’d up with a ribbon mic (RM-BIV or SE electronics), and moving coil (Shure), or direct into a Focusrite 18i20, using a Waves amp sim in Reaper.

Can usually deliver completed part in two weeks, although its usually quicker than that. Im happy to revise the track twice if you are not happy.

Reach out if you have any questions!

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Terms of Service

Please allow up to two weeks for delivery of completed track
Will need to see lyrics and chords before purchase
Will also require either consolidated stems or a rough mix down of the track to play to