Professional Electric Bass and Double Bass tracks for your music


I will record you a professional, high quality, and original bass line, on electric or double bass.

I have several audio and tone options to give you the best sounding bass line for your music production.

These are the basses that i use: ’63 Silvertone 1444 w/ flatwounds; 70’s Jazz bass; 5 string P-bass; Hollowbody bass w/flats; and 3/4 Acoustic Double Bass. I can play both arco and pizzicato on upright bass.

I work with an Audient ID14 audio interface and i use an API Tranzformer LX, Aguilar DB924, and Gallien Krueger MB150 for preamps. I also have several audio effects. Microphones : SM57 dynamic mic, AT4050 condenser.

For electric bass I can record either DI, Preamp DI, Amp DI or miking the speaker. For upright bass, i can offer two tracks, two microphones (AT4050 +SM57) or one microphone and a DI from the fishman piezo system + API preamp. I can also deliver a third track, with the processed track with VST plugins (Waves, FabFilter, etc).

I’m a professional electric bass and double bass player. I have been playing for more than 20 years, and working as a session musician in Argentina for several artists. I’ve recorded over 60 albums from different styles and genres (Pop, Rock, Folk, Experimental, Latin, Fusion, World music, etc) and travelled around my country playing music.

I will be glad to answer any questions you might have! Let’s make some music!

Reach out if you have any questions!

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Terms of Service

2-3 day delivery. Up to 2 revisions. You can send me a stereo track with the drums or reference track, and the bpm and we should be set to go.