Professional mix and master of your track


I offer professional mixing and mastering of your songs, up to a complete album!

I’m a hip hop producer since 20 years and I always mixed and mastered my albums; I mixed and mastered also the 3 albums of my crew named Casa degli Specchi (search on the web!).

My mixing work consists in:

Noise reduction
Automations, Saturation
Adding effects
Pitch correction (Melodyne, Autotune)
Other needed work

I have a home studio and I work with many professional vst plugins suitable for mixing and mastering procedures.

I will send you mp3 and wav file of each song and you will take part of the processing work, listening to the audio files and send me the modifies to do step by step.

Reach out if you have any questions!

Terms of Service

Revisions: 10
Delivery 10 days

Contact me for every question!