Vocalist – Chandler Blasini

Chandler Blasé

Service: Vocals, Songwriting

Location: Los Angeles, CA


About Me

Chandler Blasé is a singer/songwriter currently based in LA.  She attended Berklee College of Music in 2014 as a vocalist where she studied writing and production. She started working in the electronic dance music scene about two years ago singing on small sample packs, and now writes for artists all over the world. These days you can hear her voice in various genres including future bass, drum and bass, house, techno, r&b etc.

Average Turn Around Time:

Turn-around time and revision count vary per service

Clients & Affiliations

Dirty Palm, Zack Martino, Sagan, Mo Falk, Andromedik, Dropgun, Denis First, Son’s of Maria

Terms of Service

First rewrite is free, the fee varies after that. Changes in melody, rhythm, or harmony can be done twice, with an added fee after that.

For all vocals, I ask for 50% publishing and 30% of the master. 

$100 – 1 Hook With Harmonies

Includes one hook with harmonies.

  • HQ .wav File
  • Full hook with harmonies
  • 1 revision

$250 – 1 Hook, 2 Verses

Includes one hook with harmonies and two verses for your song.

  • HQ .wav File
  • Two full verses, one hook
  • Full hook with harmonies
  • 2 revisions

$325 – 1 Hook, 2 Verses, 1 Bridge, Adlibs

Includes one hook with harmonies, two verses, bridge, and adlibs to your song.

  • HQ .wav File
  • Adlibs
  • Two full verses, hook, bridge, and adlibs
  • Full hook with harmonies
  • 2 revisions